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Federal Tort Claims Act: Medical Negligence Cases

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Packet Name: Federal Tort Claims Act: Medical Negligence Cases

Updated Date: 12/19/2017 | Created Date: 12/19/2017 | Number of Pages: 5909
Summary of Packet:
  • Administrative claims materials include tort litigation manuals and handbooks from federal agencies and the military, federal agency regulations and procedures for settling claims, a FOIA checklist, and a sample Standard Form 95, as well as the full statutory text of the Federal Tort Claims Act
  • Court documents, including complaints, interrogatories, requests for production, motions to limit testimony, briefs, and proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law from medical negligence cases
  • Depositions of treating physicians and expert witnesses from medical malpractice claims against military hospitals
  • Settlement and verdict charts for medical malpractice cases, summary of loss of consortium verdicts, and opinions and judgments against the United States
  • AAJ Education speaker papers provide tips and advice for specific practice areas, administrative settlements, proving damages, and common defenses

[Deposition summary accompanies all deposition transcripts]

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