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Nursing Home Litigation: Nursing Errors

Litigation Packet: Document Details

Packet Name: Nursing Home Litigation: Nursing Errors

Updated Date: 1/31/2020 | Created Date: 5/4/2007 | Number of Pages: 2428
Summary of Packet:
  • Explores issues of case investigation, filing, pretrial, discovery, and trial
  • Sample court documents include complaint, interrogatories, notice of deposition for corporate representative with request for production of documents, and depositions
  • Deposition summaries and transcripts of nursing experts and facility employees including Administrator, Director of Nursing, shift supervisor, RN, and LPN
  • Checklists of common defenses, documents, and deposition questions for nurse experts
  • Case materials from nursing negligence fall case, including issues of improper assessment, improper care planning, improper charting, failure to communicate with physicians, and violations of the standard of care pursuant to OBRA, ANA standards, and Nurse Practice Act
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