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Roadway Design and Maintenance

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Packet Name: Roadway Design and Maintenance

Updated Date: 7/17/2019 | Created Date: 10/31/2016 | Number of Pages: 3804
Summary of Packet:
  • Features cases involving potholes, washed-out roads, inadequate signage, improperly designed crosswalks and off-ramps, eroded shoulders, icy surfaces, dangerous construction zones, and other unsafe roadway conditions
  • Includes complaints, trial briefs, motions, interrogatories, requests for production, and transcripts of witness testimony
  • Contains deposition transcripts and summaries of plaintiff and defense expert witnesses specializing in accident reconstruction, traffic engineering, and roadway design
  • AAJ Education speaker papers and Trial articles provide an overview of common issues in roadway design and maintenance cases, and highlight strategies and common potential pitfalls
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