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Seat Belt Defects

Litigation Packet: Document Details

Packet Name: Seat Belt Defects

Updated Date: 10/6/2015 | Created Date: 10/10/2007 | Number of Pages: 3474
Summary of Packet:
  • Court documents including complaints, discovery, motions, memoranda and briefs, and opinions and orders from a number of seat belt defect cases addressing defective seat belt buckles and seat belt retractors
  • Deposition transcripts and summaries of mechanical engineers, accident reconstructionists, pathologists, biomechanical experts, restraint system experts, and defense corporate witnesses
  • Trial testimony and documents including opening statements, closing arguments and rebuttal, jury instructions, and jury questionnaire
  • Rules, articles, and court documents addressing preemption in seat belt defect litigation
  • AAJ Education speaker papers and TRIAL articles on handling seat belt defect cases from investigation through trial, including how to avoid legal malpractice in these cases
  • Verdict and settlement information on defective seat belt buckles, webbing, retractors, and anchorages.
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration materials
  • Internet resources, Practice tips, and a Glossary of terms often used in seat belt defect litigation [Deposition summary accompanies each deposition transcript]
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