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Talcum Powder: Ovarian Cancer

Litigation Packet: Document Details

Packet Name: Talcum Powder: Ovarian Cancer

Updated Date: 1/1/2018 | Created Date: 2/9/2017 | Number of Pages: 2936
Summary of Packet:
  • Provides an overview of litigation surrounding talc and its link to ovarian cancer
  • Case screening information, materials from recent trials, and materials from pending MDLs and state court litigations
  • Court documents include complaints, transfer orders, case management orders, and plaintiff fact sheets
  • Deposition transcripts from plaintiffs, a treating physician, and 30(b)(6) witnesses
  • Caselaw and court documents related to personal jurisdiction considerations for plaintiffs after Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
  • AAJ papers and articles addressing the dangers of talcum powder
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