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A guardrail end treatment, such as the Trinity ET-Plus, is affixed to the end of a guardrail and intended to interact with the guardrail when struck by an errant vehicle by reducing injury. The Guardrail Litigation Group focuses on litigation against designers and manufacturers of guardrail end terminals and other highway safety devices who design guardrail end treatments. A design change for the ET-Plus in 2005 to reduce manufacturing costs has led to the guardrails penetrating vehicles that collide into it, enhancing injuries to the occupants instead of reducing the forces of collision.

The Guardrail Litigation Group serves as an avenue for AAJ members who are investigating or prosecuting personal injury or wrongful death actions involving collision with guardrails to share trial strategies, information, documents and resources.


This Litigation Group was formed in October 2014.

Benefits & Resources:

The Guardrail Litigation Group has a members-only list server and a document library where members can share information, documents, and pertinent information as well as holds education programs.


AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as needed by group members.

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