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Ride sharing companies provide taxi-like services by connecting passengers to drivers via a cell phone application or “app.” Rides can be arranged in advance or on short notice. The official name for a ride-sharing business is a Transportation Network Company (TNC). 

The Ride Share Litigation Group addresses the complex issues that are fast developing with ride sharing companies such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Car2Go, and GetAround. The Ride Share Litigation Group seeks to address several issues regarding consumer safety when using a TNC: (1) questions of liability for a passenger of a vehicle riding in a car sent by a TNC; (2) issues of liability for drivers and passengers of other vehicles that collide with a TNC dispatched vehicle; (3) issues relating to guest passengers who are riding in a TNC vehicle that was ordered by someone else; and (4) potential issues of responsibility for the driver of a TNC dispatched vehicle, i.e., does a state’s worker’s compensation statute apply?

The Ride Share Litigation Group helps attorneys navigate these issues and form a cohesive strategy in pursuing litigation. Since these are relatively new cases and the rulings that judges make now could influence the rights of consumers in the future, the Litigation Group strives to work with members to create uniformity regarding legal issues, insurance coverage, and potential forced arbitration provisions for riders of TNCs.


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