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Acetaminophen Injury


The Acetaminophen Injury Litigation Group provides a forum to share relevant facts, law, regulatory information, and legal and market research. They will help coordinate litigation strategy in actions involving cases against McNeil-PPC, Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Johnson and Johnson, and/or other entities relating to ingestion of Tylenol/Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen has been proven to cause liver damage and other injuries associated with ingestion.

The Acetaminophen Injury Litigation Group member benefits include a Group Document Library, list server, and education programs.


James C. Klick
Herman, Herman & Katz, LLC
820 O'Keefe Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone: 504/581-4892
Fax: 504/561-6024

$200/member, $100/additional member ($300 max)