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Orthopedic Implant


Total or partial joint replacement can reduce or eliminate pain and disability in many patients. Joint replacement can provide the additional benefit of reducing or eliminating the need for analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs and their related side effects. Recent statistics indicate that more than 500,000 Americans undergo joint replacement surgery every year.

In their efforts to capitalize on a lucrative and expanding market, manufacturers have rushed orthopedic products to market without adequate testing. Some have also made business decisions to keep old or obsolete products on the market when safer and better products become available. In many instances, patients and their doctors were not informed of risks or misled by aggressive, sophisticated marketing strategies. Patients have been denied adequate information to make informed decisions about their medical options. As a result, patients have been injured by products that they would not otherwise have accepted.

The Orthopedic Devices Litigation Group supports the efforts of member litigators who are investigating and prosecuting orthopedic product liability claims on their clients' behalf. The Group's goal is to establish a clearinghouse and information resource for products and manufacturers in the orthopedic device industry. With a particular focus on joint replacement devices, all orthopedic hardware and related injuries are included in the Group's subject matter.


The group was formed in July 2001.

Benefits & Resources:

Collection and distribution of relevant information and documents to Group members. Plans for a Group Web site to make information widely accessible. Production of seminars in association with AAJ Education as interest demands.


Held during the AAJ Annual and Winter conventions.

Open to AAJ Regular, Sustaining, Life, Leaders Forum, and President's Club members.
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