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Railroad/Highway Crossing & Derailment


Railroad/highway crossing and derailments have caused substantial personal and property damage. Traumatic injuries are common in crossing cases. Additionally, hazardous and ultrahazardous materials are often transported by the railroad and, in the event of crossing crashes and derailments, these materials often cause substantial risk. Railroad/highway crossing and derailment matters have caused substantial, traumatic and long term damages for many years. The railroad has consistently denied any responsibility and fought all attempts at liability.


This group was established in 1994. The purpose of the organization is to aid and assist victims in the preparation of litigation concerning personal injury and property damage that occurs with trains.

Benefits & Resources:

The group will provide its members with coordinated litigation support in order to assist lawyers in preparing their clients' cases for trial. Support will include assistance in verifying the accuracy of the defendants' responses to legitimate discovery requests, and thereby will reduce the expense incurred when an injured person exercises his right to seek legal redress.

The group receives, catalogues and stores documents, depositions, briefs, information on expert witnesses, and other materials related to railroad/highway crossing and derailment matters. The group makes such information readily available to members. There are currently over 1000 key documents, depositions and expert materials in storage.

Further, the group plans educational programs concerning railroads, railroad/highway crossings, railroad/highway safety standards, railroad operations and other related matters in conjunction and coordination with AAJ.


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