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Transvaginal Mesh


The Transvaginal Mesh Litigation Group provides resources to AAJ attorneys handling pending cases regarding Transvaginal Mesh. The litigation revolves around the use of mesh devices, the need for which frequently arises after childbirth, following surgery or following a traumatic injury, when a woman’s support structures in the pelvis are caused to weaken allowing organs to prolapse and push against the vagina toward the outside. The mesh patches are surgically implanted into the pelvic floor. The procedure is promoted as minimally invasive. Women are increasingly reporting problems associated with the device however, and there are nearly 4,000 adverse event reports filed with the FDA. Many of the pelvic organ prolapse products come as kits with instruments designed for the implantation procedure. In response, numerous peer review studies have been published critical of the device and a clinical trial was halted due to a reported 15% failure rate.

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This Litigation Group was formed in 2011.


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