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Attorneys Information Exchange Group (AIEG)

AIEG affords opportunities for exchanging information, ideas, and experiences with other leading plaintiff attorneys handling similar cases.



The Attorneys Information Exchange Group is a multi-service cooperative, organized by trial lawyers to assist one another in the preparation and trial of a variety of product defect cases. A non-profit organization, the AIEG devotes all its revenue to expanding and upgrading both its resources and services to member lawyers. Membership is limited to active members of the American Association for Justice who represent plaintiffs in product defect cases.

The AIEG's primary objective is to afford trial lawyers the same benefit of collaborative effort in product defect cases which defense lawyers have long enjoyed. Toward that end, the organization maintains four databases containing defect specific materials: (1) technical papers, (2) law data (motions, briefs, etc.), (3) depositions and trial transcripts, and (4) a compilation of attorney-selected documents (including the manufacturer's internal documents) of special significance.

Moreover, the AIEG encourages the exchange of ideas through its seminars, newsletter, and organized networking activities. By supporting member lawyers’ case preparations, giving them the means to detect manufacturers' discovery abuses in similar cases, the AIEG ultimately works to benefit not only individual litigants, but the administration of justice.


To qualifiy for membership in AIEG, an applicant must:

Be an attorney licensed to practice in one or more states
Certify that neither the applicant nor any member of his/her law firm have in the past or do at the present represent any entity responsible for the design, manufacture, or distribution of products
Be a member in good standing of the American Association for Justice and the applicant's State Trial Lawyers Association
Agree to be bound by and comply with the obligations of AIEG's Corporate Documents and Bylaws

The AIEG maintains the character of its organization by setting forth certain obligations which all members are expected to uphold. Those seeking membership must complete a questionnaire regarding product cases handled by the applicant's firm. AIEG members agree to exercise due diligence in assisting the organization in furthering its purposes. Members are also obligated to furnish to the AIEG materials suitable and appropriate for deposit in the Work Product Document Banking System (WPDBS) database.


Contact AIEG at 205.803.4000

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