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The Hernia Mesh Litigation Group provides a forum for lawyers litigating cases to share knowledge, strategies, and educational resources.

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Hernia Mesh

The Hernia Mesh Litigation Group is a resource for trial lawyers pursuing cases against manufacturers of hernia mesh products, such as the Ethicon Physiomesh® Flexible Component hernia mesh, Atrium C-Qur® hernia mesh, and certain CR Bard products. Litigation focuses on the health complications stemming from hernia mesh—such as pain, swelling, adhesions, obstructions, mesh migration, bacterial infections, hernia recurrence, additional required surgeries, and damage to the spermatic cord.

The Hernia Mesh Litigation Group is sponsored by CAMG.

This Litigation Group provides members with educational information, litigation updates, and assistance in evaluating potential cases and preparing cases for litigation. The group has a document library and a list server through which Litigation Group members can share resources.

  • Meetings: AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as need by group members.
  • Membership: Open to AAJ Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President's Club members.
  • Dues: $300/attorney, $100/additional member ($400 max)


Adam Evans | Dickerson Oxton Law Firm, Kansas City, MO

Kathleen Farinas | Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Jonathan Orent | Motley Rice, LLC, Providence, RI

Kelsey Stokes | Fleming Nolen & Jez, LLP, Houston, TX

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