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Infant Formula NEC

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Introducing the Infant Formula NEC Litigation Group

The Infant Formula NEC Litigation group assists members investigating and litigating cases involving premature infants who ingested “cow-milk based” infant formula, which allegedly resulted in necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). NEC causes injury and inflammation in the infant’s intestines. The damage may cause death, bilateral blindness, brain injury, or result in the removal of all or a part of the intestines.

Infant Formula NEC

Group History

The Infant Formula NEC Litigation Group was formed at the 2021 AAJ Annual Convention. Members will have access to a Document Library and list server. The group will meet at Annual and Winter conventions and will plan education programs and meetings throughout the year.

Dues: $300 per member annually


Elizabeth Kaveny | Kaveny and Kroll, Chicago, IL

Jose Rojas | The Rojas Law Firm, LLC, Hartford, CT

John Romano | Romano Law Group, West Palm Beach, FL