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Medical Record Retrieval (Ciox)

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Medical Record Retrieval (Ciox)

The Medical Record Retrieval (Ciox) Litigation Group exchanges information and develops strategies and best practices with members to assure that medical record request fulfillment companies, such as Ciox, adhere to federal and state law when billing clients and patients.

Group History

The Medical Record Retrieval (Ciox) Litigation Group was formed at the 2021 AAJ Annual Convention. Members will have access to a Document Library and list server. The group plans to meet at Annual and Winter conventions and host education programs and meetings throughout the year.

Dues: Complimentary for AAJ Voting Members


Avery Adcock | Senior Justice Law Firm, Norfolk, VA

Christopher Nace | Paulson & Nace, PLLC, Washington, DC

Roger Leslie | Law Office of Roger Leslie, Seattle, WA