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The Paragard Litigation Group assists members investigating and litigating cases involving the Paragard IUD birth control product. The Paragard IUD is advertised as a form of temporary birth control that is easily and painlessly implanted into a woman’s body in her doctor’s office. Removal is advertised to be equally as easy.

Unfortunately, the Paragard IUD frequently breaks inside of a woman’s body during a routine removal, which necessitates invasive medical or surgical intervention to remove the broken fragment(s). In the worst of cases, young women of child-bearing years (who have chosen to have the product removed to start or continue their family) will be forced into sterility due to having to undergo a hysterectomy.

Group History:

The Paragard Litigation Group was formed at the 2021 AAJ Spring Board of Governors Meeting. Members will have access to the Paragard Litigation Group Document Library and the Litigation Group list server. Education programs and meetings will be held throughout the year. The group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter conventions.

  • Meetings: The group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter conventions.
  • Membership: The group is limited to AAJ Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President’s Club members only.
  • Dues: $150/attorney annually 


Erin Copeland | Fibich Leebron Copeland & Briggs, Houston, TX

Fidelma Fitzpatrick | Motley Rice, LLC, Providence, RI