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Treatment and Rehab Center Abuse

Educate and provide resources to AAJ members regarding issues surrounding Treatment and Rehab Center Abuse, formerly the Substance Use Disorder Litigation Group..

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Substance Use Disorder

Our country now faces one of the greatest public health crises in its history. Overdose from substance use disorder is now the leading cause of death for young people under 30, surpassing both gun violence and car accidents combined. Substance use disorder has been recognized by the medical community as a disease for decades, yet society frequently labels the disorder as a crime.

This Litigation Group covers a wide-breadth of issues related to sub-standard practices and fraud within the substance use disorder treatment industry, ranging from medical malpractice and wrongful death claims to potential civil rights issues under the ADA. The Litigation Group is focused on justice for the injured and policy reform for the victims of the “drug epidemic.” The Litigation Group will also serve as an educational resource for litigators who wish to help individuals suffering from substance use disorder but are not quite sure how to approach the issue.

Litigation Group members will have access to the Substance Use Disorder Litigation Group Document Library and list server. Education programs and meetings will be held throughout the year.

  • Meetings: The group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter conventions.
  • Membership: The group is limited to Regular, Life, Sustaining, and President's Club AAJ members plaintiff's counsel only.
  • Dues: $150 annually


Joshua Horton | The Joshua S. Horton Law Firm, PA, West Palm Beach, FL

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