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Harry Philo Award

Harry Philo Award
Mark Kitrick, 2022 Recipient

A member of AAJ for 40 years, Mark has helped thousands of people through difficult times with empathy as the driving force behind his quest for justice and accountability. Mark has served on the AAJ Board and Budget Committee since 2008. In addition to being elected Budget Chair for multiple terms, he has held numerous leadership and committee positions at AAJ and also served as President of the Ohio State Bar Foundation (2020) and President of Ohio Association for Justice.

About the Award

The Harry M. Philo Award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the civil justice system and whose work has advanced the safety and protection of American consumers.

Past Recipients

2021: Laura V. Yaeger
2020: Danielle Mason
2018: Stephen J. Herman
2017: Christine Spagnoli
2016: Thomas W. Malone
2015: Mary Alice McLarty
2014: Gary Paul
2013: Les Weisbrod
2012: Wayne Hogan
2011: Anthony Tarricone
2010: Peter G. Angelos
2010: Russell W. Budd
2010: John Eddie Williams Jr.
2009: Sol Weiss
2008: Jim Kitchens
2007: Kenneth Suggs
2006: Thomas Hale Boggs
2005: David Casey
2004: Leo Boyle
2003: Mark Mandell
2002: Richard Bieder
2000: Howard Twiggs
1998: Ron Motley

Harry Philo in front of a bookshelf

Harry M. Philo

1924-2012 Michigan
AAJ President, 1980-81

Harry Philo was a exemplary trial lawyer, but his legacy extends well beyond the courtroom. His philosophy was simple--the law is never settled until it is right, it is never right until it is just, and it is never just until it serves society to the fullest. He challenged trial lawyers to forge a safer society by exposing corporate greed and dangerous products and reminded trial lawyers that they are the ones on the side of people—not banks, insurance companies, or Fortune 500 companies. AAJ is honored to regularly recognize an outstanding trial lawyer who share Harry's beliefs and shows a commitment, through his or her dedication to their clients and society as a whole, to the principles Harry lived by.