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Howard Twiggs Award

Howard Twiggs Award
Bruce Stern, 2023 Recipient

AAJ Past President Bruce Stern is kind to everyone he meets and has a strong passion for AAJ. As a brain injury lawyer, Bruce has always given everything for his clients, and he truly cares about them. His devotion to AAJ has been a constant, and he continues to give back to the organization selflessly by teaching and mentoring members on how to effectively handle traumatic brain injury cases. Bruce’s integrity, conviction, and deep commitment to AAJ guided the association through the rocky times of the early pandemic. When everything was in flux, he rose to the moment and led with a quiet calm, but fierce determination, providing steady leadership.

About the Award

Recognizes an AAJ member of at least ten years standing whose passion, civility, cordiality, and professionalism reflect the high standards set by Howard Twiggs; and whose courtroom advocacy and distinguished service to AAJ have brought honor to the trial bar and the legal profession.

Past Recipients

2022: Antonio M. Romanucci
2021: Christopher T. Nace
2020: Jerome F. O'Neill
2019: Betsy K. Greene
2018: Mark S. Mandell
2017: Larry A. Tawwater
2016: Michael P. Thornton
2015: Bruce Braley
2014: Herman J. Russomanno
2013: Leah Guerry
2012: Julie Kane
2011: Peter J. Hinton
2010: Richard Bieder

Howard Twiggs headshot

Howard Twiggs

1932-2010 North Carolina
AAJ President, 1996-97

Howard spent more than 50 years seeking justice for injury victims and others who suffered injustice. He was a selfless and tireless worker, who always put the welfare of his client and AAJ ahead of any personal glory or satisfaction, and was involved in many professional and philanthropic groups, including the North Carolina Advocates for Justice and the Roscoe Pound Foundation. Mr. Twiggs served as President of AAJ and also served in the North Carolina state legislature from 1966-1974. AAJ is honored to present an annual award named in his honor.