Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice

Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice Award
Les Weisbrod, 2023 Recipient

For nearly 40 years, AAJ Past President (2008-09) Les Weisbrod has been at the forefront of national birth injury litigation. His commitment to families and children and to educating other trial lawyers to excel in representing them led him to co-found AAJ’s Birth Trauma Litigation Group in 1991. Les also provided pro bono representation for  the family of the first Ebola victim in the U.S. He is a founding Co-Chair of AAJ’s Medical Negligence Litigation Group and served as Chair of AAJ’s Professional Negligence Section in 1996, Les has also served on AAJ’s Board of Governors since 1998 and the Executive Committee since 2001.

About the Award

The Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice award recognizes an AAJ member of at least 10 years standing who is of outstanding integrity and overall character and has demonstrated Leonard M.Ring's devotion to human and civil rights. Recipients of this award are selected by their peers. AAJ's Stalwarts Committee recommends prospective honorees to the AAJ Executive Committee, which votes on the winner.

Past Recipients

2022: Kenneth M. Suggs
2021: Sandra H. Robinson
2020: Barry Nace
2019: Larry A. Tawwater
2018: Anthony Tarricone
2017: Mary Beth Ramey
2016: Gary Paul
2015: Todd A. Smith
2014: Leonard A. Orman
2013: Mary E. Alexander
2012: Peter Perlman
2011: Gregory S. Cusimano
2010 Richard D. Hailey
2009: Leo Boyle
2008: Linda Miller Atkinson
2007: Ralph Cloar
2006: Roxanne Barton Conlin
2005: Richard Bieder
2004: David Shrager 
2003: Eugene Pavalo 
2002: Larry S. Stewart & Robert L. Habush 
2001: Russ Herman
2000: Harry Philo
1999: Bob Gibbis & Howard F. Twiggs
1998: Sheldon L. Miller
1997: J.D. Lee
1996: Phil H. Corboy, Sr.
1995: Bill Colso
1994: Joe H. Tonahill
1993: Jacob D. Fuchsberg
1992: Scott Baldwin & Craig Spangenberg
1991: Leonard M. Ring

Leonard Ring

Leonard M. Ring

(1924-1994) Chicago, Illinois
Past President, 1973-74

Leonard M. Ring was a committed and vocal advocate for victims' legal rights. Throughout his 45-year career, he was involved in many high-profile cases, including the 1980's Tylenol poisoning cases, Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel Fire litigation, and Chicago’s water district fight against polluters in Lake Michigan. He is best remembered by those who knew him as a humble, trustworthy, and respected lawyer. Leonard served as president of AAJ from 1973-74, served as president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, and was also held leadership positions at several other local and national legal organizations.