Continuing Legal Education

AAJ’s education programs are more than CLE. We offer cutting-edge legal training taught by the best trial lawyers in the country. Engage with litigation leaders at seminars, practice advanced trial advocacy techniques at colleges, and test your case with pre-screened focus groups. 

Upcoming Education Programs

Build your network

Classroom learning is only part of the winning equation. Our programs offer the opportunity to build a national network of like-minded trial lawyers. The majority of AAJ Education's programs are open only to AAJ members and provide a secure, confidential environment.

Learn by doing

AAJ Education is dedicated to enhancing the practice of plaintiff law, one trial lawyer at a time. Our trial skills colleges give you the opportunity to practice advanced techniques in a constructive learning environment.

A year’s worth of CLE credits

AAJ provides two opportunities—the Annual and Winter Conventions—to gain a national perspective on trial advocacy and enhance your legal knowledge on substantive topics. At both conventions, there is the potential to earn up to a year's worth of CLE, including ethics credits, in just four days.

Learn without leaving your desk

When your schedule doesn't allow time to travel to a college or seminar, take advantage of webinars on emerging topics in litigation or view our recorded seminars and convention programs in high-quality audio and video.

Share your knowledge

Interested in contributing your words of wisdom to a particular legal topic or trial skill? AAJ is always looking for new speakers for the many Education programs it holds throughout the year.

Upcoming Education Programs

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October 27, 2016 to October 29, 2016

Opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, and closing arguments are key trial skills, but are rarely effectively covered in law schools. AAJ Education's Trial Advocacy College: Essentials of Civil Litigation focuses on foundational skills through interactive workshops where faculty provide guidance and instant feedback. Learn the critical skills you'll need to excel throughout your career in this intensive program, where you'll work with experienced trial lawyers and consultants.

Registration Fees:
$995 for AAJ Members | $1,245 for Nonmembers

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October 28, 2016 to October 29, 2016

Designed for both the new and experienced nursing home attorney, this seminar will cover the nuts and bolts of nursing home litigation from case evaluation to case resolution.  Faculty members will include a cavalcade of past chairs of AAJ’s Nursing Home Litigation Group.  For the more experienced lawyer, this seminar will provide an opportunity to brush up and focus on the fundamentals, and the experienced speakers will surely convey a new tactic or two. For those new to nursing home litigation, you will be introduced to the world of nursing home litigation from the best of the best!

Registration Fees:
AAJ Members: $895

Members of AAJ's Nursing Home Litigation Group save $100 on registration! Discount not available online, please call 800-622-1791 to take advantage of this special offer. 

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November 3, 2016 to November 4, 2016

Legal writing is an essential, yet frequently overlooked, skill for every trial attorney. Pretrial motions set the tone and can even make or break your case, which is why it is so important to capture the attention of your judge right from the introductory paragraph of your first brief. At AAJ’s Effective Legal Writing Workshop, you will learn how to understand and sympathize with your audience, master a unique writing style, improve your presentation, craft an appealing narrative, and curate the content to keep your reader engaged from beginning to end.  This seminar features a mix of lectures and small group workshops to help you receive maximum individualized attention. Whether you are new to the practice of law or a seasoned attorney, this seminar is sure to teach you practical skills to utilize in your practice immediately. 

Registration Fees:
AAJ Members: $495 | Nonmembers: $595

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November 4, 2016 to November 5, 2016

Co-Presented with: AAJ’s Birth Trauma Litigation Group and Medical Negligence Information Exchange Group

Learn the latest and most innovative techniques to examine experts, maximize the impact of demonstrative evidence, obtain and use electronic medical records, craft openings and closings, and more. AAJ Education's Medical Negligence Seminar will better prepare you to represent those who have been harmed as a result of medical negligence.

Registration Fees:
AAJ Members on or before September 30, 2016: $845
AAJ Members after September 30, 2016: $895

Members of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group, Medical Negligence Information Exchange Group, and Professional Negligence Section can save $100 off registration! This discount is not available online, please call AAJ Education at 800-622-1791 to take advantage of this special offer. 

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November 29, 2016 to November 30, 2016

AAJ Education, working with AAJ’s LGBT Caucus, Minority Caucus, and Women Trial Lawyer Caucus, will shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity in the law.  On November 29 and 30, join judges and prominent AAJ members in Charlotte, NC, to discuss the importance of diversity in the trial bar and explore avenues to promote diversity and inclusion both in the bar and the communities AAJ members serve. This seminar will increase awareness and understanding of the hurdles LGBT, minority, and women plaintiff attorneys face, as well as provide for extensive resource building and networking. 

Registration Fee:
$695 for AAJ Members
$795 for nonmembers

Not a member of the AAJ? Call AAJ Education at 800-622-1791 to register. 

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