AAJ: SCOTUS Decision Unjust for Maritime Workers | The American Association For Justice
For Immediate Release: June 24, 2019

AAJ: SCOTUS Decision Unjust for Maritime Workers

Carly Moore Sfregola

Washington, DC The following is a statement from American Association for Justice President Elise Sanguinetti on the 6-3 decision issued today by the U.S. Supreme Court in The Dutra Group v. Batterton:

“Today the Supreme Court denied judicial remedies that have been historically available to seamen injured while working at sea. At the same time, the Court protected owners who brazenly ignore dangerous conditions on their vessels. AAJ will continue to advocate for the rights of all workers.”

In February 2019, AAJ filed an amicus curiae brief in The Dutra Group v. Batterton urging the court to affirm the Ninth Circuit decision that punitive damages are available on a maritime claim of unseaworthiness.


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