Legal Research

The American Association for Justice's legal research services and products help AAJ members provide quality representation to injured persons and their families.

The AAJ Exchange, working with leading attorneys from around the country, tailors its legal research services and products to the needs of plaintiff attorneys.  

Through the AAJ Exchange, members have access to:

  • Litigation Packets-comprehensive resources focused on specific litigation or advocacy skills and feature case materials and insights shared by leading attorneys from around the country.  Learn more here.
  • Legal Research Service-time saving service useful when investigating a product, manufacturer, expert, similar incidents, and verdicts and settlements
  • Court Documents-learn from other AAJ members with examples helpful when drafting complaints, discovery requests, briefs, and motions 
  • Depositions-obtain previous testimony from plaintiff experts, defense experts, corporate representatives, and more 
  • CLE papers-advice and insights from leading trial attorneys from around the country
  • Verdicts and Settlements-information on cases resolved by AAJ members

AAJ members can access the AAJ Exchange through their My Justice dashboard.  The AAJ Exchange is located under the Resources tab.