The AAJ Above and Beyond award recognizes AAJ members who have made exceptional contributions to sustain and strengthen the organization.


The American Association for Justice proudly announces the 2017 recipients of the Above and Beyond Award:

Mike Arias
E. Drew Britcher
Lieff Cabraser
Sean C. Domnick
Jay Eisenhofer
Peter J. Flowers
Brenda S. Fulmer
Saul G. Gruber
Mark Kitrick
Peter A. Kraus
Christopher T. Nace
Rick I. Nemeroff
Paul J. Pennock
Christopher Placitella
Daniel S. Robinson
Mark P. Robinson  
Richard W. Schulte
Michael L. Slack
James H. Thompson, Jr.


2016: Mike Arias, Lauren G. Barnes, Maria B. Glorioso, Ricardo M. Martinez-Cid, Brian J. Panish, Paul J. Scoptur, Edward H. Zebersky
2015: Ricardo M. Martinez-Cid, Michael L. Slack, Thomas D’Amore, Robert K. Jenner, Ellen Relkin, Mark Kitrick, Randi McGinn, Paul J. Scoptur, Robin Greenwald, Jennie L. Anderson, David A. Wenner, Gregory S. Cusimano, Christopher Placitella, Christopher L. Madeksho, Gary M. DiMuzio, Timothy J. Conlon, Christopher J. O’Brien​