Trial Magazine

2017 January—Forced Arbitration

Volume 53, No. 1

Although forced arbitration contracts are buried in the fine print of many consumer contracts, most people don't know they've signed away their fundamental legal rights until it is too late. But the tide is slowly turning against this secretive practice, spurred on by state efforts and agency action. In the January issue of Trial, catch up on the progress made so far—and what lies ahead.

Theme Article

  • Fighting the fine print
    Deepak Gupta
  • Sidebar: CMS bans pre-dispute forced arbitration in nursing home contracts
    Diane M. Zhang
  • Q&A: Gaining ground
    Rep. Henry "Hank" Johnson and Sen. Al Franken interviewed by Jennifer D. Adams
  • Justice denied
    Kate Halloran
  • A system of secrecy
    Paul Bland and Dani Zylberberg
  • Deceiving consumers
    David Ratcliff
  • Around the country
    Daniel Hinkle
  • In focus
    Elise R. Sanguinetti and Nancy Peverini

Also Featured

  • 5 rules for effective focus groups
    Phillip H. Miller and Paul J. Scoptur
  • 2017 Winter Convention Preview: The live music capital of the world
  • The Brief

President's Page

  • Making waves
    Julie Braman Kane

Editor's Note

  • A new year
    Jennifer D. Adams

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Rigorous conditioning drill leads to college athlete's death from sickle cell complications
  • Negligent maintenance of aircraft
  • Failure to diagnose herpes
  • Collision ends police officer's career
  • Restaurant serves beer to underage patron

On the Hill

  • What a new year means
    Susan Steinman

Good Counsel

  • Quality in, quality out
    Annika K. Martin
  • Preparing a fragile client
    Ken Levinson

Question of the Month

  • Who is your favorite fictional attorney?


  • Jury rejects 'mystery infection' argument in birth injury case
    Ryan Watson


  • The Psychology of Tort Law
    Jennifer K. Robbennolt and Valerie P. Hans


  • The lighter side of the law