Trial Magazine

2017 June—Diversity in the Law

Volume 53, No. 6

Diversity is crucial to the practice of law. Not only does a diverse workforce strengthen group problem-solving, but it also helps plaintiff attorneys become more effective advocates for their clients. In Trial’s June issue, learn how to build the strongest—and most representative—legal team. Also: AAJ travels to Boston for its annual convention—find out what’s in store!

Theme articles

  • Diversity in the workplace: Looking within for implicit bias
    Wendell Y. Tong
  • Q&A: Diversity in the workplace: Hiring minority lawyers
    Navan Ward Interview, by Kate Halloran
  • Diversity in the workplace: Gender diversity at play
    Elizabeth M. Fors
  • Diversity in the workplace: Learning to lead together
    Erin Nowell
  • Increasing leadership diversity in the courtroom
    Elizabeth J. Cabraser
  • Sidebar: A seat at the table
    Alyssa E. Lambert
  • Be true to yourself
    Jodi Nofsinger
  • Sidebar: AAJ's LGBT Caucus
    Laura V. Yaeger
  • Weaving a stronger fabric
    Margaret Samadi and Steven Rineberg

Also Featured

  • 2017 AAJ Annual Convention: Boston, Historic charm on the water
  • What to see, eat, and do in Boston
  • The Brief June 2017

President's Page

  • Because it's time
    Julie Braman Kane

Justice in Motion

  • The legal seal
    Chloe Burke

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Dangerous pep rally skit leads to student’s brain injury
  • Retaliation
  • Failure to close illegal club leads to fatal shooting
  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Failure to remediate lead hazard
  • Electrician injured in fall from ladder

On the Hill

  • The round that didn't happen
    Susan Steinman

Good Counsel

  • Make every minute count
    Kelly Hyman
  • Get up to speed on ESI
    Tiffany R. Ellis

Question of the Month

  • What's the most memorable one-liner you've ever heard from a judge?


  • Company bans cellphones after distracted driving case
    Kate Halloran


  • The lighter side of the law