Trial Magazine

2016 August—Braving the Outdoors

Volume 52, No. 8

Trial’s August issue focuses on the hazards we encounter outdoors—from cruise excursion accidents to groundwater contamination. Get tips on how to challenge waiver and release agreements, learn how to build a sports-injury concussion case, and catch up on recent trends in contaminated crop litigation.

Theme articles

  • Excursions gone wrong
    Ira H. Leesfield and Adam T. Rose
  • Sidebar: Traversing the litigation slopes
    Christopher P. Koupal
  • Tackling the concussion case
    Daniel S. Chamberlain
  • Sidebar: Ringing the courthouse bell
    David Ratcliff
  • Poison in the well
    John Fiske, Carla Burke Pickrel, and Scott Summy
  • Contaminated crops
    James J. Pizzirusso and Adam J. Levitt

Also Featured

  • A heightened pleading standard
    Emily C. Jeffcott

President's Page

  • On the shoulders of giants
    Julie Braman Kane

Justice in Motion

  • Save the date
  • The future of workers' compensation
  • Members help local food pantry in Boca
    Christine M. Mollenauer

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Lack of median barrier leads to fatal highway collision
  • Failure to heed stop sign
  • Negligent hiring of trucking contractor

On the Hill

  • CFPB proposes rule to ban forced arbitration
    Ivanna Yang

Good Counsel

  • Empowering jurors
    Mark Mandell
  • Finding the product id
    Jonathan A. Knoll

Question of the Month

  • What has been your most rewarding experience as a trial lawyer?


  • Experimental surgeries leave child severely disabled
    Kate Halloran


  • The lighter side of the law