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Trial Magazine

2018 September—Protecting Workers

Volume 54, No. 9

In the September issue, Trial highlights some of the current challenges to long-standing worker protections. Read about the tests that govern worker misclassification suits, how SCOTUS’s Epic Systems Corp. decision may affect challenges to forced arbitration agreements in employment contracts, how to help whistleblower clients facing retaliatory litigation, and more. Also: meet the 2018-2019 AAJ officers.

Theme articles

  • A jigsaw of worker classifications
    Vincent Cheng
  • Sidebar: Portable benefits and the gig economy
    Jon Rehm
  • Side box: Pound Civil Justice Institute workers' compensation symposium papers
  • Chipping away at workers' rights: An 'Epic' failure
    Matthew Wessler and Deepak Gupta
  • Chipping away at workers' rights: Tackling forced arbitration
    Menaka N. Fernando and Jennifer S. Schwartz
  • When the employer strikes back
    Loren Jacobson
  • Sidebar: 'Implied' fraud under the FCA
    Richard Neuworth and Devan M. Wang
  • Increased transparency
    Mark D. DeBofsky

Also Featured

  • Planning for the driverless future
    Elise R. Sanguinetti
  • AAJ Officers 2018-2019
  • The Brief September 2018

President's Page

  • Stand up, and be heard
    Elise R. Sanguinetti

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Unsafe sliding door
  • Willful and wanton shooting by police officer
  • Wrongful termination
  • Failure to maintain control of medical transport van
  • Texting while driving
  • Failure to restripe new crosswalk
  • Failure to conform to fire safety standards
  • Failure to maintain playground equipment
  • Failure to train coaches on concussion protocol
  • Failure to provide safety equipment, training

On the Hill

  • So much to do, so little time
    Susan Steinman

Good Counsel

  • Clearing ESI hurdles
    Calle Mendenhall
  • Basic mediation tactics
    Zachary M. Mandell

Question of the Month

  • What was your most nerve-racking moment as a new attorney?

Justice in Motion

  • Dive into depositions
  • Recognizing trial lawyers


  • The lighter side of the law