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2019 March—Running a small office

Volume 55, No. 3

Trial's March issue highlights tips and tools for running a small office. Read about selecting the right technology, using Google Ads for online marketing, managing discovery on a budget, and more. Also: stopping deposition obstruction.

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Theme Article

  • A firm tech foundation
    Ingrid M. Evans
  • DIY with Google Ads
    Conrad Saam
  • Striking out on your own
    Interviews by Gwen-Marie Davis Hicks and Mandy Brown
  • Discovery on a budget: 7 resources for keeping costs low
    Michael A. Prieto
  • Discovery on a budget: make the most of Foia
    Adam J. Blank and Zachary J. Phillipps
  • Discovery on a budget: crafting federal FOIA requests
    Austin Evers
  • 3 ways to streamline your practice
    Laura V. Yaeger

Also Featured

  • Stopping deposition obstruction
    Mark R. Kosieradzki
  • The Brief March 2019

President's Page

  • Small firm, big community
    Elise R. Sanguinetti

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Failure to heed stop sign at railroad crossing
  • Excessive driving hours
  • Failure to avoid collision with cyclist
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Patrol officer collides with motorist while speeding
  • Failure to erect concrete Jersey barrier on highway
  • Failure to properly trim trees in city park
  • Over-service of alcohol at private club
  • Unsafe temporary electrical box
  • Use of dangerous forklift

Good Counsel

  • Benefits of discovery focus groups
    Kenneth H. Levinson

Question of the Month

  • What's one book every lawyer should read?

Justice in Motion

  • AAJ Education on the Horizon March 2019


  • The lighter side of the law