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2020 May—Toxic Exposure

Volume 56, No. 5

From Daubert-proofing your case to pesticide litigation takeaways, this month's Trial tackles Toxic Exposure. Also check out our Good Counsel column for advice on getting started with remote depos. For more AAJ and Trial resources on how to adapt your practice during the pandemic, visit

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Theme Articles

  • Fortifying Against Daubert
    Gary DiMuzio
  • Q&A: A Holistic Approach to Pesticide Litigation
    Interview by Kate Halloran
  • Murky Waters
    Adam J. Levitt, Amy E. Keller, Daniel R. Flynn, Laura E. Reasons, and Adam Prom
  • 7 Tips for Workplace Toxic Exposure Claims
    Chris Madeksho
  • Poison in the Air
    Alyssa E. Lambert
  • Righting the Imbalance in Toxic Cosmetics
    Patrick Celestine

Also Featured

  • The Brief May 2020

President's Page

  • Taking Action on Toxic Chemicals
    Bruce H. Stern

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Failure to maintain motocross course
  • Failure to cover window well
  • Violation of customer safety policy
  • Failure to provide maintenance and cure
  • Failure to timely deliver twins
  • Negligent hiring of bus driver
  • Improper lookout

Good Counsel

  • Get Started With Remote Depos
    Brian D. Cook

Question of the Month

  • How do you stay motivated after a disappointing case outcome?

On the Hill

  • Going Round & Round With Transportation
    Susan Steinman

Tech Bytes

  • AI in the E-Discovery Toolkit
    Chad S. Roberts


  • The lighter side of the law