Trial News

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  • Federal courts strike down four states’ voting restrictions
    Ryan Watson

Other News

  • Fifth Circuit upholds delegation clause in arbitration agreement
    Kate Halloran
  • Tenth Circuit upholds statutory damages for unreasonable delay or denial of insurance benefits
    Ryan Watson
  • First responders’ toxic exposure claims can proceed in train derailment case
    Kate Halloran
  • Tech giant Qualcomm settles gender discrimination claims
    Diane M. Zhang
  • Three more states bring environmental claims against Volkswagen
    Diane M. Zhang

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Town’s failure to repair rotting handrail leads to pedestrian’s fall
  • Failure to provide working hospital bed railings
  • Motorist strikes and severely injures flagman
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Charter school driver overloaded SUV, leading to students’ serious injuries in crash