Products Liability Law Reporter

2017 April/May

Volume 36, No. 2

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  • April 11, 2017

Consumer Products & Equipment

  • Expert’s alternative design testimony was reliable despite lack of hands-on testing


  • New Jersey high court reinstates Accutane verdict, adopts Restatement §142 for resolving statute-of-limitations conflicts

Industrial Products & Equipment

  • Foundry worker suffers severe burns after stepping into unguarded trough
  • Kaiser Gypsum failed to warn of joint compound’s asbestos danger
  • Boiler manufacturer failed to warn of asbestos hazards
  • Miter saw bolt comes loose, dropping blade onto woodworker’s fingers
  • DuPont hid dangers of Teflon chemical

Medical Products & Equipment

  • Power wheelchair fails on ramp


  • Jury holds RJR, Philip Morris accountable for longtime smoker’s death from COPD, heart disease


  • Defective ball bearing fails, causing medical helicopter to crash
  • Engineering expert’s failure to test theory rendered opinions inadmissible
  • Jeep’s inadequate restraint system led to driver’s fatal ejection
  • Logs breach defective cab guard, fatally injuring trucker
  • Dealership’s failure to adequately inspect, replace worn tire leads to fatal rollover