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Products Liability Law Reporter

2018 April/May

Volume 37, No. 2

The Products Liability Law Reporter features verdicts, settlements, and court decisions in the field of products liability. It is published six times annually. Members also receive a monthly e-newsletter containing news stories, additional case reports, reports of government regulatory actions and product recalls, and links to recent articles published in the media and scholarly journals.


  • April 10, 2018
  • May 8, 2018

Commercial Products & Equipment

  • Successor corporation not liable for allegedly defective automobile frame straightener manufactured by predecessor company
  • Ladder rail fails, causing home inspector’s fall from roof
  • Wall plate cracks, causing scaffold collapse
  • Manufacturer and seller of Roundup herbicide not liable to consumer

Consumer Products & Equipment

  • Denial of hearing on admis-sibility of plaintiff expert’s testimony was improper


  • Failure to adequately warn of Risperdal-gynecomastia link
  • Michigan products liability law bars claims even where FDA approval was not specific to the plaintiffs’ particular population


  • Manufacturer and others may be liable for injuries resulting from unintentional discharge

Food & Beverages

  • Shards of glass in beverage cause restaurant patron to suffer lacerations
  • Shrimp contaminated with saxitoxin did not constitute defective product
  • Strict liability for fragment in fast-food hamburger

Industrial Products & Equipment

  • Asbestos exposure led to worker’s fatal mesothelioma
  • Cement-pipe worker exposed to asbestos
  • Failure to alert users to dangers of rock crushing machine
  • Asbestos exposure from sugar production plant led to man’s fatal mesothelioma
  • Inadequate guard on horizontal band saw machine

Medical Products & Equipment

  • Failure to warn of dangers of defective pelvic mesh implant
  • Treating physician was fact witness entitled to testify based on personal knowledge of plaintiff’s medical condition

Recreational Products & Equipment

  • Crossbow maker not liable to hunter whose thumb was severed by bowstring


  • Use of surgeon general reports constituted reversible error


  • Defective manufacture of truck tire
  • Claims against manufacturer can go forward in tire failure case
  • Truck bale bed manufacturer entitled to disclosure of mechanic’s recent prescription medication records