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Products Liability Law Reporter

2018 June/July

Volume 37, No. 3

The Products Liability Law Reporter features verdicts, settlements, and court decisions in the field of products liability. It is published six times annually. Members also receive a monthly e-newsletter containing news stories, additional case reports, reports of government regulatory actions and product recalls, and links to recent articles published in the media and scholarly journals.


  • June 12, 2018
  • July 17, 2018


  • Child’s pants catch fire at birthday party

Household Products & Equipment

  • Defective portable stove
  • Experts’ testimony admissible in defective weedwhacker case

Industrial Products & Equipment

  • Economic loss rule barred plaintiff from recovering damages under tort theory
  • Failure to warn of dangers of unrestrained counterweights
  • Asbestos exposure leads to business invitee’s mesothelioma
  • Failure to warn of asbestos hazards

Medical Products & Equipment

  • Swiss morcellator manufacturer that sold product to German distributor was not subject to products liability suit in Illinois
  • Learned intermediary doctrine warranted dismissal of knee implant recipient’s defective warning claim
  • Federal law does not preempt claim alleging failure to report post-approval adverse events

Recreational Products & Equipment

  • Failure to warn of tricycle’s dangers
  • Injured worker was not product user under Indiana products liability law
  • Child injured on amusement park slide


  • R.J. Reynolds liable for smoker’s addiction, death
  • Defective design of cigarettes
  • Plaintiff entitled to full compensatory award absent waiver of intentional tort exception to comparative fault statute


  • Seat belt component manufacturer may be liable if products were defective when sold
  • Goodyear responsible for its attorneys’ discovery abuses
  • Defective design of helicopter hydraulic system
  • Defective brake cylinder on Suzuki motorcycle
  • Plaintiff’s fire and explosion investigator may testify as expert witness
  • Failure to warn of push-pull forces
  • Negligent servicing of helicopter transmission
  • Summary judgment warranted where plaintiff failed to offer sufficient evidence of product defect