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Paralegal Affiliates

AAJ Paralegal Affiliates have membership in an affiliated unit of AAJ composed of paralegals and must be sponsored by a Regular, Sustaining, Life or President's Club Member of AAJ in good standing. AAJ Paralegal Affiliates may join AAJ Sections.

Paralegal Affiliates have access to a number of benefits and programs designed to advance their professional education and growth, including an accredited paralegal program at each annual convention and discounts on programs and certificate courses offered by the Center for Legal Studies.

If you're not already a Paralegal Affiliate member, join now using our online application.

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Join the Paralegal Affiliates List Server

Have you ever had a work-related question, but didn't know whom to ask? The Paralegal Affiliates List Server is a community of AAJ paralegals who pose each other questions, share information and referrals, and receive special notices regarding AAJ events and services. If you are already an AAJ member, sign up now to have your questions answered by fellow paralegals. If you are not a member, join AAJ today to become a part of this helpful network.