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AAJ Response to President Trump's Misguided Proposal to Include Medical Malpractice Liability Reform in the 2018 Budget

May 24,2017

Washington, DC—The following is a statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen in response to President Donald J. Trump’s proposal to include medical malpractice liability reform in the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to reduce costs of health insurance and drug prices:

“There is no evidence to support claims that placing caps on damages and rigging the legal system to strip Americans of their rights to hold wrongdoers accountable will reduce health care spending. In fact, recent studies suggest the opposite – establishing caps on damages and limiting patients’ rights could mean a 2-3% increase in total Medicare spending.”

“Patients harmed by negligent health care providers, nursing home corporations, and drug companies often suffer expensive, catastrophic life-long injuries. When injured patients cannot recover the costs of their injuries from the wrongdoer, they will be forced to turn to other federal programs to get the assistance their lives depend on. The American Association for Justice stands strongly on the side of patients and will strive to protect their ability to enforce their rights."

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