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American Association for Justice Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Being Held at Behest of Big Banks and Corporate Interests

After the CFPB Rule Protecting Consumers Was Wiped Out, Hearing Marks Latest Step in Effort to Decimate Americans’ Constitutional Rights

November 07,2017

Washington, DC—The following is a statement from American Association for Justice (AAJ) CEO Linda Lipsen regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee’s upcoming hearing on limiting access to the civil justice system:

“It’s disappointing that the Senate Judiciary Committee is using its resources to buck up companies that put profits over safety and want immunity when they cause harm. If anyone deserves a hearing, it’s the millions of Americans who continue to be ripped off by big banks and corporations and just want a chance to rebuild their lives.

“As the Committee holds its hearing on Wednesday, patients across America will be dying from preventable medical errors, women will be enduring sexual harassment in the workplace, and the scammed customers of Equifax and Wells Fargo will be trying to piece their lives back together. This Committee should dedicate its time to protecting and increasing access to the courts for those Americans and their families, instead of further rigging the system in favor of corporations and big banks.”


Sammi Swing