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EPA Takes Critical First Step To Ban Asbestos

November 29,2016

Washington, DC— The following is a statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen on today’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that asbestos would be among the 10 high-risk chemicals to undergo an expedited risk evaluation as required by this year’s landmark reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act. Following the evaluation, the EPA must act to protect the public by restricting or banning dangerous chemicals. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, more than 15,000 people die from asbestos diseases each year in the United States.

“The American Association for Justice applauds the EPA for taking this critical first step to end one of the longest running public health catastrophes in history. Despite a century’s worth of conclusive evidence that asbestos causes excruciating, fatal diseases, this toxin has not been banned and continues to be found in our homes, schools, and workplaces.”

“Instead of supporting asbestos policies that protect the public, asbestos corporations have repeatedly turned to state and federal lawmakers for legislative handouts that will allow them to evade accountability for poisoning and killing Americans. We commend the EPA for exercising its authority under the bipartisan TSCA reform law to begin the process of ending this man-made public health disaster.”

Sarah Jones