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Statement on Lawsuit Pursuing Forced Arbitration for Investors

March 25,2019

The following is a statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen on the lawsuit demanding that Johnson & Johnson allow shareholders to vote on a forced arbitration proposal:

“It’s sad but not surprising that Hal Scott has chosen to continue his crusade to strip investors of their constitutional right to hold law-breaking corporations accountable. One wonders if Scott recognizes the hypocrisy of trying to bring a case in front of a judge and jury with the goal of denying investors the right to do the same.

“This action doesn’t change the fact that the New Jersey Attorney General found that Johnson & Johnson would be breaking state law by inserting forced arbitration into its bylaws. We will continue to oppose this effort and any others that aim to shield unscrupulous corporations from accountability by hiding behind forced arbitration clauses.”

Carly Moore Sfregola
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