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New AAJ Report: Worst Corporate Conduct of 2018

2018 a Banner Year for Fraud, Unethical Behavior and Empty Corporate Apologies

December 11,2018

Washington, DC — A new report, Worst Corporate Conduct of 2018, released today by the American Association for Justice details this year’s worst corporate offenders and their pervasive strategy of hollow apologies instead taking responsibility when their conduct harms Americans. The report highlights the need for a strong civil justice system to ensure consumers and workers can hold corporations accountable and deter corporate misconduct. 2018 was a year for new-found contrition and humility from corporate CEOs as business trade publications ran articles on crafting the perfect apology. At the same time, as this report highlights, Americans witnessed corporate misconduct that wreaked havoc on student loan borrowers, the environment and motor safety among others.

“This report contains eye-opening details about the shocking misconduct and lack of ethics pervading corporate culture. But the good news is, Americans can rely on civil justice to hold these bad actors accountable and change the way they do business,” said AAJ President Elise Sanguinetti. “When everyday Americans are lied to, abused or injured, they don’t want a phony apology – they want the ability to exercise their constitutional right to hold unscrupulous corporations to account in court in front of a jury.”

Highlights of the report include Nestlé’s failure to keep child and slave labor out of its supply chain, energy companies’ role in perpetuating climate change and the role of “non-apology” corporate apologies that do nothing but insult consumers and protect a corporation’s’ bottom line.

Click here to download the full Worst Corporate Conduct of 2018 report.

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