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Depositions Are Trial by Sach D. Oliver
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Depositions Are Trial

CreatedJun 25, 2024
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Depositions Are Trial will teach you how to up your preparation and execution, ultimately treating each deposition as if it’s going to be played in court. Sach guides you through setting and executing goals, creating a well-defined plan, and telling the story you want told through depositions. With its practical approach and focus on actionable steps, this book is a must-read for any trial lawyer looking to enhance their game and make their case in the best possible way. Learn tactics on word choice, visual strategy, motivating witnesses to tell the truth, and much more. Each chapter ends with a punch list of goals for readers to apply what they’ve learned. Whether you’re a seasoned trial lawyer or just starting out, this book will provide valuable strategies for success and help you better serve your clients..

Sach Oliver leaning forward wearing a cowboy hat, a blue shirt and jeans

Sach Oliver

Oliver Law Firm Rogers, AR

Sach Oliver is a trial lawyer and CEO of the Oliver Law Firm in Rogers, Arkansas. The Oliver Law Firm has a regional practice focusing exclusively on catastrophic injury and death cases. Sach primarily works on 18-wheeler and construction work site cases. His role on the team involves litigation strategy, depositions, negotiations, and all aspects of the trial. Sach received the 2015 Outstanding Trial Lawyer award from the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association. Growing up on a cattle ranch in rural Arkansas, Sach brings a personality and style to depositions and trial that the profession has never seen.