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Cover of Litigation Obstruction: Breaking Through
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Litigation Obstruction: Breaking Through

By Mark R. Kosieradzki
UpdatedJun 03, 2024
CreatedJun 03, 2024
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The rules of discovery recognize that some litigants may want to hide the truth. To evade accountability. To win at all costs. When understood, the rules enable you to cut through the nonsense, get to the truth, and hold obstructionists personally responsible. This book will arm practicing attorneys with the rules and case law that govern written discovery, the tools to manage ubiquitous obstruction tactics, the power to hold obstructionists accountable, and the skills to marshal the evidence necessary to win at trial.

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Mark R. Kosieradzki

Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm, LLC Plymouth, MN

Mark R. Kosieradzki is known as one of the country’s leading authorities on litigation and depositions technique, strategy, and law. Author of 30(b)(6): Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government 2nd ed. and Deposition Obstruction: Breaking Through, he’s been featured on CNN for his work on sexual abuse in nursing homes. The Minneapolis Star Tribune describes him as “one of the nation’s most feared elder abuse litigators.”