Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Human Factors Experts

CreatedSep 16, 2022
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The science of human factors explores and explains how individuals interact with the world around them. Expert in the field play an important role in researching, designing, and implementing safer products, roadways, and working conditions. When an individual is injured, these experts can also provide valuable insights into what when wrong and why.

This Litigation Packet offers the essential insights and strategies for trial lawyers litigating personal injury and products liability cases involving human factors issues. This resource offers guidance on fortifying against motions to exclude your expert’s testimony and challenging defense human factors experts. This Litigation Packet also includes AAJ Education speaker papers and TRIAL® articles focused on Daubert motions, deposition strategies, and important considerations in crash and design defect cases. In particular, this Litigation Packet:

  • Features case materials from motor vehicle collision and products liability cases litigated by AAJ plaintiff attorneys involving plaintiff and defense human factors experts.
  • Includes sample human factors experts affidavits and reports; pleadings and discovery; briefs and orders related to motions to exclude expert testimony and for summary judgment; related exhibits, including deposition and trial transcript excerpts of relevant fact and corporate representative witnesses; and a summary and full transcript of a defense human factors expert deposition.
  • Contains AAJ Education speaker papers and TRIAL® articles addressing:
    • Preparing, defending, and challenging expert witnesses;
    • Cross-examining defense experts;
    • Essential deposition strategies; and
    • Important factors to consider in motor vehicle collision and products liability design defect cases.