Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Litigating Birth Injury Cases Litigation Packet

CreatedJun 17, 2024
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Medical negligence during delivery takes many forms. Common causes of birth trauma include the failure by doctors and delivery nurses to follow established standards of care, failure to monitor the mother and baby’s vitals, failure to act at the first sign of fetal distress, and improper administration of induction medication. Each of these causes present complex scientific and factual questions for plaintiff attorneys to grapple with on their clients’ behalf.

Through sample pleadings, motions, discovery requests, deposition summaries, transcripts, and trial testimony, this Litigation Packet gives AAJ members the tools they need to handle a wide variety of birth trauma cases. This resource provides materials from birth trauma cases involving cerebral palsy and intrapartum hypoxia, failure to timely perform a C-Section, operative vaginal delivery, Pitocin®, shoulder dystocia, and more. This packet also includes AAJ Education speaker papers, Trial® articles, and AAJ member attorney presentations on a wide range of related topics.