Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

ManorCare and Inadequate Staffing, Spoliation of Evidence, and Corporate Disregard

CreatedSep 28, 2007
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• Case profile of New Mexico ManorCare case detailing ManorCare’s corporate disregard for residents seen through record documentation, inadequate staffing, and spoliation of evidence

• Contains evidence of ManorCare’s cover-up of resident death through deposition testimony
• Complaint and pre-trial motions
• Depositions of ManorCare Vice Presidents; Assistant Vice President of Clinical Services; Regional Director; Administrator; Director of Nursing; Assistant Directors of Nursing; Director of Medical Records; plaintiff medical expert; defense medical expert; treating LPN’s; and treating CNA
• Explores issues of selecting a jury in a nursing home case and includes the Voir Dire transcript from this groundbreaking case
• Trial transcripts including opening statement, closing argument, and rebuttal
• AAJ Education papers