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Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Nursing Homes: Regulations, Discovery, and Damages

UpdatedAug 18, 2022
CreatedAug 19, 2010
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The Nursing Homes: Regulations, Discovery, and Depositions Litigation Packet assists AAJ members litigating on behalf of residents and former residents of nursing homes. This essential resource explores the state and federal laws and policies that apply to nursing home facilities and demonstrates how leading attorneys nationwide have applied these rules to build their cases and prove their clients’ injuries. In particular, this Litigation Packet provides:

  • Complete collections of federal Nursing Home Reform Act provisions and regulatory requirements, as well as comprehensive surveys of state Nurse Practice Acts and minimum staffing ratio requirements, including applicable statutory or regulatory texts
  • Sample complaints, discovery requests, trial briefs, motions in limine, outlines, transcripts, and summaries from depositions of nursing home administrators, nursing directors, nurses, and certified nursing aids
  • AAJ Education speaker papers covering an extensive range of relevant issues, such as identifying the corporate owner of a nursing home, strategies for deposing nursing home employees, and understanding specific injuries common in nursing home cases

Litigation Packet Highlights

AAJ's Litigation Packet provide an in-depth analysis, sample documents, and critical insights from leading trial lawyers. Carma Henson and Shayla Reed are two leading nursing home litigators who helped develop this resource.