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Litigation Packet

Litigation Packet

Traumatic Brain Injury

UpdatedOct 24, 2019
CreatedJun 17, 2008
Delivery method: Download
  • Explores the scientific and medical context, diagnosis, investigation, filing, discovery, common defenses, and trial and settlement of cases involving traumatic brain injuries
  • Addresses common issues in traumatic brain injury cases, such as the no loss-of-consciousness defense, malingering, negative results from diagnostic tests, neuropsychological testing, mild brain injury, and premorbid and comorbid conditions
  • Examines evidentiary issues, including but not limited to the exclusion of defense expert testimony, Fake Bad Scale testimony, and the admission of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) expert testimony
  • Provides sample court documents and transcripts, including complaints, interrogatories and requests for production of documents, expert witness depositions, motions in limine, court orders, and excerpts from trials involving traumatic brain injuries
  • AAJ Education speaker papers, Trial articles, and bibliography of current and historical medical literature on the topic of traumatic brain injuries