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Aviation law: Bylaws



Section 1Name. This Section shall be known as the Aviation Law Section of the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Section 2Purpose. The purpose of the Aviation Law Section shall be to promote the objectives of AAJ and the interests of its members as they relate to aviation and space law.

The membership of the Section should reflect, as much as possible, the membership of AAJ as a whole, taking into consideration all relevant factors, including, but not limited to the geographical location of the membership as a whole and other factors relevant to maintaining the Section membership which reflects the membership of the Section as a whole, realizing and acknowledging that the Section serves the needs of those AAJ members who handle aviation and space law matters.

Section 3. The Policies and Procedures published by AAJ for Litigation Groups and Sections as promulgated on December 19, 1990 and as duly amended by AAJ are incorporated herein by reference and the Section shall operate in full conformity with these policies and procedures.


Section 1Members. Any member in good standing of AAJ, including law students, upon application and payment of annual dues, may be enrolled as a member of the Aviation Law Section.

Section 2Annual Dues. The annual dues that each member of the Section shall be required to pay shall be set from time to time by the Section with the approval of the Governors of AAJ. The annual Section dues shall be due and payable in advance each year concurrently with the payment of regular annual dues of AAJ.

Section 3Termination of Membership. Membership in the Section will terminate upon resignation or nonpayment of annual dues which shall be more than six months delinquent.


Section 1Officers. The officers of the Section shall be a Chairperson, Chairperson-Elect, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary-Treasurer. Each officer shall be a member in good standing of AAJ. Each shall hold office for a term beginning with the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected and ending at the close of the next succeeding annual meeting of the Section and until their successor has been elected.

Section 2Chairperson. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the officers and at the annual meeting of the Section. The Chairperson shall formulate and present at each annual meeting of AAJ a report of the work of the Section for the past year. The Chairperson shall perform such other duties and acts as usually pertain to said office.

Section 3Chairperson-Elect. The Chairperson-Elect shall be an ex-officio member of all of the committees appointed by the Chairperson of the Section. Upon the death, resignation, or during the disability of the Chairperson, or upon the Chairperson's absence or refusal to act, the Chairperson-Elect shall perform the duties of the Chairperson for the remainder of the Chairperson's term but only during so much of the term as the absence of disability continues. The Chairperson-Elect shall be the officer generally charged with responsibilities related to the membership activities of the Sections.

Section 4Vice-Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall be responsible for assisting the Chairperson in the planning and implementing of the Section program to be presented at the annual meeting. The Vice-Chairperson is the officer generally charged with responsibilities related to the educational activities of the Section.

Section 5Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary shall be custodian of all books, papers, documents, and other property of the Section. He/she shall keep a true record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Section and of the Executive Council, whether assembled or action under submission. With the Chairperson, the Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a summary or digest of the proceedings of the Section at its annual meeting. He/she shall keep appropriate records of the receipts of the Section and shall be responsible for such funds, together with such other funds as may come into the possession of the Section by allocation from the Board of Governors of AAJ or from any other sources. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the officer generally charged with responsibilities related to the business of the Section.


Section 1Membership. The Executive Council for the Section shall consist of the officers and two members, one of whom shall be the Immediate Past Chairperson, and the other of which shall be appointed by the Chairperson-elect. In addition, the President and President-Elect of AAJ shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Council.

Section 2General Responsibility. The Executive Council shall have general supervision and control of the affairs of the Section subject to the provisions of the Charter and bylaws of AAJ and the bylaws of the Section. It shall adopt procedures to authorize expenditures of money generally, and shall approve any expenditures which exceed the amount of annual dues collected by the Section and commitments or contracts which involve obligations for the payment of money by or contracts which involve obligations for the payment of money by the Section in excess of five hundred dollars.

Section 3Filling Vacancies in Office. Except as otherwise provided, the Executive Council, during the interim between annual meetings of the Section, may fill vacancies in its own membership.

Section 4Ex-Officio Members. Ex-Officio members of the Executive Council shall have the right to attend all Executive Council meetings and participate in the discussions at Executive Council meetings, but shall have no right to vote. Ex-Officio members may serve on any committees, either as committee members or as Chairperson.

Section 5. Removal for Failure to Attend Meetings. If any elected general member of the Executive Council shall fail to attend three consecutive regular meetings of the Executive Council, the office held by such member shall be automatically vacated, and the Executive Council shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.

Section 6Newsletter. The Executive Council may cause to be published a newsletter and the Chairperson shall appoint one or more editors for the newsletter. The editor shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairperson.

Section 7Special Committees. The Executive Council may authorize the Chairperson to appoint special committees from the Section members to perform such duties and exercise such powers as the Executive Council may direct, subject to approval by AAJ.

Section 8Continuing Legal Education. The Executive Council shall ensure that the educational purposes of AAJ, as they pertain to aviation and space law, are properly advanced and developed through the institution of seminars, educational programs, continuing legal education, and such other activities as may be approved by AAJ or requested by AAJ. Continuing legal education of aviation and space law issues shall promote the goals of AAJ and its members, and shall be a primary activity of the Section.


Section 1. Election of officers for the Section shall be undertaken during the Annual Convention of AAJ in accordance with the AAJ Section Election Rules as directed by the Bylaws of AAJ. 

Section 2. Only those members of AAJ who are in good standing and who have applied for membership in the Section sixty (60) days or more prior to the registration date of the Annual Convention of AAJ shall be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting of this Section.  There shall be no voting by proxy.

Section 3. The Chairperson of the Section shall have the power to fill vacancies among the officers by appointment, such appointee serving until the next Annual Meeting of the Section at the Annual Convention of AAJ.


Section 1Annual Meeting of Section. The annual meeting of the Section shall be held during the annual convention of AAJ, and at the same city or place, which such program and order as may be arranged.

Section 2Special Meetings of Section. Special meetings of the Section may be called by the Chairperson upon approval of the Executive Council, at such time and place and upon such notice as the Executive Council may determine.

Section 3Voting at Section Meetings. The members of the Section present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. All binding action of the Section shall be by a majority vote of the members present.

Section 4Meetings of the Executive Council. Special meetings of the Executive Council may be called by the Chairperson at such place and time as the Chairperson may designate. Regular meetings of the Executive Council shall be held in the fall, winter, spring at such place and time as the Chairperson may designate. Because of distances which may be involved, meetings of the Executive Council, other than at the Annual Meeting, may be in person or by conference telephone call. Conference telephone call votes will be recorded by the Secretary and fully entered in the minutes, with a copy of such minutes being sent to the Executive Council.

Section 5Voting at Executive Council Meetings. A majority of the members of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Action by a majority vote of the Executive Council members present shall constitute the binding action of the Executive Council.


Section 1Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year shall be the same as that of AAJ.

Section 2Payment of Bills. All bills incurred by the Section, before payment by the Treasurer, shall be submitted to and approved by the Chairperson or, if the Executive Council shall so direct, by both of them.

Section 3Limitation on Compensation. No salary of compensation shall be paid to any officer, member of the Executive Council, or member of the committee.

Section 4Exerting Positions on Behalf of AAJ. No action, policy, determination, or recommendation of the Section, or any committee thereof, shall be deemed to be, or be referred to as, the action of AAJ prior to submission of the same to, and approved by, the Board of Governors of AAJ, or duly authorized referendum of AAJ. Any resolution adopted or action taken by the Section may on request of the Section be reported by the Chairperson to the AAJ Board of Governors for action thereon.

Section 5Adoption. These bylaws will become effective upon approval by the Officers of the Section and by the AAJ Board of Governors. Copies of the bylaws to be voted upon by members of the Section, shall be circulated to the members in attendance and voted on at the conclusion of the Section meeting in which their adoption is sought.

Section 6Amendment. All amendments must be offered to the Chairperson and Secretary of the Section in writing not less than sixty (60) days prior to the Section's annual meeting and shall be circulated in printed form to the Section members at the Section meeting. Amendments must be approved by a majority of the members of the Section present and voting at the meeting. No amendment so adopted shall become effective until same shall have also been approved by the Board of Governors of AAJ.