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Lifetime Contributors

Special Thanks to Our Lifetime Contributors

Our sincere gratitude goes to our contributors for their lifetime of giving!

$1,000,000 and above
Fay Law Group, P.A.

$800,000 to $999,999
Robert A. Clifford, Clifford Law Offices

$500,000 to $799,999
Herman Herman & Katz, LLC

$100,000 to $499,999
The Lanier Law Firm
Meyers & Flowers, LLC
Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC
D'Amore Law Group
Baron & Budd, PC
Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP
Greene & Schultz
Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP
Seeger Weiss, LLP

$75,000 to $99,999
Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.
The Law Firm of Kitrick, Lewis & Harris
Attorneys Information Exchange Group, Inc.
Douglas & London, P.C.
Thornton Law Firm LLP

$50,000 to $74,999
Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, PC
Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, PC
Lisa Blue
Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine, PC
Davis & Crump, PC
Pogust Millrood
ReidGoodwin, PLC
Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.
Saltz Mongeluzzi & Benedesky, P.C.
Smith LaCien, LLP
AAJ Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group
Williams Hart
Williams O'Leary, LLC
Zaner Harden Law, LLP

$25,000 to $49,999
Breit Cantor Grana Buckner
Klein Lawyers
Slack Davis Sanger, LLP
Wayne Parsons Law Office
Allen Stewart, PC
Bey & Associates, LLC
Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Moore
AAJ Trucking Litigation Group
Zebersky Payne, LLP
Andrus Anderson LLP
Thomas Law Offices, PLLC
Belluck & Fox, LLP
Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer 
Denman H. Heard, Heard Law Firm, PLLC
Janet Janet & Suggs, LLC
Kreindler & Kreindler LLP
Miller Weisbrod, LLP
Motley Rice, LLC
James Rolshouse & Associates, PLLC
Stanley Law Group
Stark & Stark

$10,000 to $24,999
Romanucci & Blandin
Yvonne M. Flaherty
GoldenbergLaw, PLLC
Derrick L. Walker
Waters Kraus & Paul
Ellen Relkin
Cloar Law Firm
Paulson & Nace, PLLC
Marion Munley
Neale deGravelles
Plaxen Adler & Muncy, PA
Law Offices of Matthew L. Sharp
The Orlando Firm, P.C.
Reiter & Walsh, P.C.
Laffey Bucci Kent, LLP
Slavik Law Firm, LLC
Arias Sanguinetti Wang Torrijos, LLC
Blasingame, Burch, Garrard & Ashley, PC
Bounds Law Group
Beverly L. Bove
Britcher Leone, LLC
Gurfein Douglas LLP
Haicken Law PLLC
Robert K. Jenner and Elizabeth Graham
Johnson Becker, PLLC
Kline & Specter, P.C.
Nash & Franciskato Law Firm
Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA
Payne Mitchell Law Group
Jim M. Perdue, Jr.
Petersen & Petersen Attorneys at Law
Phelan Petty, PLC
Physicians Medical Review
Sterling Medical
The Tawwater Law Firm
Timothy Titolo
Corrie Yackulic Law Firm, PLLC
Yaeger Law, PLLC

$5,000 to $9,999
Navan Ward
Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A.
Scott Silver
Saunders & Walker, P.A.
Finkelstein & Partners, LLP
Outten & Golden LLP
Weik, Nitsche & Dougherty
Allen & Garrett
Doehrman Buba Ring
Largay Law Offices, P.A.
Brooks Law Firm
Ankin Law Office LLC
Lauren Barnes
Childers Schlueter & Smith, LLC
Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler
Cowen Rodriguez Peacock
DePuy Litigation Group
Sean C. Domnick
Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, P
The Lancione Law Firm
Murray & Murray Co., LPA
Tadler Law LLP
Vititoe Law Group

Up to $4,999
Joseph M. Sellers
The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc.
Nichols Zauzig
Maria S. Diamond
Hillin Law
Law Office of Peter McDowell
MichieHamlett PLLC
Bryan Pope/Larry Taylor
Jory C. Ruggiero
Colson Hicks Eidson
Denney & Barrett, P.C.
The Knight Law Group
Rouda, Feder, Tietjen & McGuinn
Cusimano Roberts Mills & Knowlton, LLC
Michael H. Bereston, Inc.
Berman & Simmons, PA
Briggs & Wholey, LLC
Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, LLP
Mary Alice McLarty
Moss Berg Injury Lawyers
Wright & Schulte LLC
The Edward A. Williamson Law Firm
Ember Law, PLLC
Burnett Law Firm/Schroeder Law Office
Brustin & Lundblad, Ltd.
John Gomez
Justinian & Associates, PLLC
Angel Law, PC
The Barton Law Firm, PC
Huegli Fraser PC
McEwen & Kestner, PLLC

Last updated August 30, 2021.