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Election Day of Service

Illustration with a line of people holding vote signs.
What's an Election Day of Service?

An Election Day of Service is a commitment by your firm to increase voter participation and help protect the vote. 
It's easy! Close your office for Election Day and encourage your staff to volunteer to protect the vote.

Election Day of Service

An Election Day of Service is one of the best ways your firm can meet America’s urgent need to protect the vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Trial lawyers help strengthen democracy, support safe, healthy and trusted elections, and inspire their employees and clients to participate and make a difference.

How can my firm host an Election Day of Service?

Good news! It's easy. To participate, close your office on Election Day and encourage your staff to volunteer to protect the vote. Check out the ways to protect the vote.

Are you in? Let us know so we care share your firms commitment and will send you a toolkit with ways to make your day a success!

Still not sure? 

1,960+ other companies and law firms across the country have pledge to make time for your employees to vote. Learn why!

We believe that protecting and expanding the right to vote is a mission-critical, year-round priority. In addition to making Election Day a firm holiday, we’ve established a policy that permits all our staff to bill three working hours per week to voting rights efforts. Through this consistent commitment, our team has helped voters obtain the IDs they need to vote, written letters to engage low-wage workers, and joined efforts to support and encourage young people throughout the country to run for local office.Amanda Karl, Gibbs Law Group, LLP, Oakland, CA

Five Reasons to Host an Election Day of Service

  1. Show Your Employee Appreciation: Promoting political engagement shows your employees that you value them and care about their lives outside of the office.
  2. Increase Employee Engagement: When employees engage politically, they often become more well-rounded citizens with a keener grasp of the context in which your firm operates.
  3. Stand Out: It shows your business is socially responsible.
  4. Support Your Staff: Encouraging your employees to vote fulfills your civic obligation.
  5. Help Your Community: Use Election Day as a reminder of the importance of serving our communities.

Need some help planning?

AAJ and the VPAC committee have compiled an "Election Day of Service Toolkit" with ideas and resources to make your Election Day of Service a success. Reach out to let us know you are planning a day of service and receive a copy of the toolkit, have any questions, or to share your firm's plans for election day.

Tara Lee