In the Courts

Constitutional Challenge Program

In its fight to keep the courthouse doors open, AAJ works closely with the Center for Constitutional Litigation (CCL).  CCL is a private law firm well-known for its sophistication in appellate advocacy, its litigation of precedent-setting landmarks to protect the civil justice system, and its constitutional challenges to so-called tort reform laws, having won a significant number of cases striking caps on damages and other impediments to a person’s legal rights.  CCL’s work on these challenges is made possible by AAJ’s financial support, because the fees generated by these cases can never cover the years of litigation and multiple appeals that the cases often entail.

Trial lawyers from across the country have hired CCL as co-counsel in civil appeals involving complex legal issues, as well as to assist with legal strategy at the trial level.  AAJ encourages you to learn more about CCL and discover what its appellate team can do for you.  Visit CCL’s website at

Amicus Curiae Program

AAJ’s Amicus Curiae Program presents the position of the plaintiffs’ bar directly to the courts through amicus briefs filed in state supreme courts, federal appellate courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Learn more about the Amicus Curiae Program, including how to request a brief here.