2019 STAC School and Participant Registration | The American Association For Justice

2019 STAC School and Participant Registration

2019 School Registration

School registration has closed. Please contact STAC@justice.org if you have questions about your school's registration. 

2019 Participant Registration

The STAC participant registration process is now live and requires each participating law student to join AAJ as a Law Student Member and register for the STAC event online by Friday, February 8, 2019.  

Please refer to these step-by-step instructions on how to complete this process.

**Coaches: Team coaches should not use the online process above. Instead, please CLICK HERE for coach registration.** 

Be advised that the AAJ Law Student membership dues are $15. For clarification, registration for the STAC event is free. The online process links students to their respective law school and creates and electronic team roster for easier records management. By registering for this event, it not only verifies all participating team members are AAJ Law Student members, but fills the four-member roster by assigning each student to a team. 

If you have any questions about AAJ’s Law Student membership, or if you have any trouble becoming a member online, please call AAJ’s member hotline at (202) 965-3500, ext. 8611, to determine whether students on the team are current members and that their memberships will be active at the time of the competition.  If you have any questions about the 2019 STAC registration, please email STAC@justice.org, or call AAJ Education at 800-622-1791.