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Class Action Law Reporter

Case in Point

  • Chase settles claims it applied payments to lower-interest loans


  • Oakland Raiders settle cheerleaders’ wage suit as other teams resist
    Courtney L. Davenport
  • Investors sue SeaWorld for plummeting stocks after documentary reveals orca mistreatment
    Courtney L. Davenport

Verdicts and Settlements

  • AIG settles investor suit
  • Restaurant settles claims it included credit card expiration dates on receipts
  • Southern California border patrol will stop pressuring immigrants into voluntary return
  • Redbox will make kiosks accessible to blind customers


  • Cy pres funds are not abandoned property that reverts to state
  • Class members’ home states controlled consumer fraud claims, making class untenable


  • Defense counsel: communicating with putative class members
  • Public Citizen wants Supreme Court to dismiss oral argument on CAFA removal jurisdiction
  • Do the merits matter in stockholder litigation?

Certification News

  • Court certifies class alleging New York’s highway tax discriminates against out-of-state truckers
  • Suit certified against debt collector that left vague ‘please call’ door hangers on houses in default
  • Walmart drivers’ wage-and-hour lawsuit certified
  • Court denies certification to homeowners alleging electric company installed meters improperly
  • Court certifies investor suit against banker that sold bonds for failed factory

Just Filed

  • Second class action filed against Walmart for PCB contamination
  • Baby care company employees sue after layoffs
  • Customers sue Home Depot after data breach
  • Employment applicants allege Staples didn’t disclose consumer reports checks
  • Whiskey maker sued for misleading stories about drink’s origins