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2017 December—Protecting the Elderly

Volume 53, No. 12

Protecting the elderly can pose unique challenges. Trial’s December issue focuses on using point system data to understand assisted living facility staffing deficiencies; fighting reverse mortgage abuse; handling nursing home resident-on-resident assault cases; and proving hospice facility liability. Also: how civil litigation can help human trafficking survivors.

Theme articles

  • Know the score
    Kathryn Stebner, Karman Guadagni, and Kelly Knapp
  • Toppling reverse mortgage abuse
    Ingrid Evans and Daniel Oren
  • Resident-on-resident assaults in nursing homes
    Martin S. Kardon
  • Sidebar: What lies ahead in the forced arbitration battle
    Gabe Lezra
  • Liability for hospice facilities
    David J. Hoey

Also Featured

  • Fighting for their lives: defeating human trafficking
    Gregory Zarzaur
  • The Brief December 2017

President's Page

  • A bulwark for the elderly
    Kathleen Nastri

Verdicts & Settlements

  • Street sweeper makes unsafe turn, striking and injuring motorist
  • Pickup truck strikes convenience store patron
  • Intoxicated driver causes head-on collision
  • Fire truck driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic
  • Bus driver strikes pedestrian in crosswalk
  • Police chase leads to child's death in collision
  • Lack of security at fraternity party
  • Store fails to properly cordon off mopped area
  • Inadequate security at apartment complex
  • Failure to remain awake during transport

On the Hill

  • Saying goodbye to 2017
    Susan Steinman

Good Counsel

  • Every hit counts
    Mike Campbell
  • Manage client expectations
    William J. Price

Question of the Month

  • What's the one question you would like to ask the sitting U.S. Supreme Court justices?

Justice in Motion

  • Learn from the legends
  • Paying it forward
    Beth White


  • Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck
    by Adam Cohen, reviewed by Ashleigh Raso


  • The lighter side of the law