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Silicone Contaminated Eye Injections

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Silicone Contaminated Eye Injections

The Silicone Contaminated Eye Injections Litigation Group provides a forum for trial lawyers litigating against the manufacturers of ant-VEGF drugs, compounding pharmacies, and the manufacturers of the syringes used to inject the drugs directly into a patient's eye.

Across the country, compounding pharmacies are repackaging Avastin into single-use syringes, which are manufactured with a silicone lubricant inside the barrel of the syringe. These syringes were not designed, tested, or approved for use in eye injections. The drugs can become contaminated with silicone oil droplets, and the droplets will be injected directly into the patient’s eye along with the drug. Improper shipping and handling of the repackaged syringes can increase the risk of silicone contamination. 

It is possible for the body to absorb the silicone oil droplets/particles naturally after many months or they may permanently obstruct a person’s vision. The silicone oil droplets can only be removed by a vitrectomy. In this procedure, a doctor drains the vitreous gel entirely and replaces it with an artificial saline, which the body replaces with natural saline over the next 24-48 hours. Unfortunately, this surgery impairs the effectiveness of future treatment for macular degeneration, which means the patient will go blind much sooner. 

The Litigation Group has a secure, members-only list server and document library where members can share pertinent information and documents regarding the litigation. This Litigation Group holds regular meetings that are closed to members only to discuss current cases and important updates. 


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