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Implantable Port Catheter (IPC)

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Implantable Port Catheter (IPC) Litigation Group

Bard and AngioDynamic injectable port catheters have a known, but undisclosed, erosion issue that is a result of design defects. The erosion leads to thrombosis, infection, catheter fractures, and catheter fragment migrations. The IPC Litigation Group shares information and material and ensures members stay informed of any developments in the litigation.

Group History

The IPC Litigation Group was formed at the 2023 AAJ Annual Convention. Members have access to a Document library and list server. The Group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions and plans to host programs and meetings throughout the year.



$150 per member annually


Adam M. Evans | Dickerson Oxton Law Firm, Kansas City, MO

Larry F. Taylor | The Cochran Firm–Texas, Dallas, TX

Anne Schiavonne | Holman Schiavone LLC, Kansas City, MO

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