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Troubled Teen Industry Abuse Litigation Group

Across the country, thousands of parents send their children to private centers for treatment and education when they struggle with emotional or behavioral issues. Unfortunately, these treatment centers often lie and mislead the families. As a result, many children are neglected and abused sexually, physically, and emotionally. They face forced labor, a lack of education, medication abuse, and damaging isolation from family and peers. Survivors suffer serious impacts, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, trust issues, and physical manifestations of injuries. 

These “treatment” facilities, camps, and centers are known collectively as the “troubled teen industry” (TTI). The TTI is a $23 billion private, unregulated industry composed of hundreds of programs across the country that are under the parent umbrella of approximately a dozen large entities.

The Troubled Teen Industry Abuse Litigation Group will assist members to investigate and litigate cases against TTI programs, facilities, wilderness camps and parent corporations. The group provides members with available material and updates on the developments, proceedings and laws across the country using the group’s list server, document library, and meetings and educational programs. This Litigation Group meets at AAJ Annual and Winter Conventions, or as needed by group members.

Group History 
The Troubled Teen Industry Abuse Litigation Group was formed at AAJ’s 2024 Spring Board of Governors Meeting. 

The Troubled Teen Industry Abuse Litigation Group is limited to Regular, Sustaining, Life, and President's Club members.

The Troubled Teen Industry Abuse Litigation Group is complimentary to members of the AAJ Premises Liability Section who can agree to the terms and conditions on membership set forth in the Litigation Group’s Affidavit. If you are not yet a member, you can join the Premises Liability Section at

Litigation Group Cochairs:
Kim Dougherty | Justice Law Collaborative, LLC, Boston, MA 
Annika Martin | Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, New York, NY


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